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How to Not Stress?

Published 2016-12-04 in Stress - 0 Comments

How does one “not stress” with cost of living rising, school starting, holidays just around the corner, and constant money tension. Struggles with finances cause household budget cuts of “luxury items” such as fitness club memberships, spa treatments, and healthy foods. Unfortunately, this cycle of stress creates weight gain, lack of energy, anxiety, and depression.

Do mean a favor and stop seeking balance in a life that is always in constant motion of juggling family, jobs, finances, and schedules. Instead, create harmony and fluidity with five simple steps to reduce stress and increase your energy in just seven days!

Sleep enough

sleep-enoughFirst things first … sleep! Research shows sleeping at least 7-8 hours every night reduces weight gain, decreases cortisol naturally, and restores energy. Learn to turn off computers or televisions at least one hour before bedtime and begin a new evening routine of self-care. Try a hot shower or warm bath to wash away the stress of the day or simple stretches and breathing exercises to relax. Remember, staying up late to accomplish more “tasks” heightens the stress cycle and decreases productivity for the next day

Drink water when you wake up

Wake up with a cool, refreshing glass of water or perhaps a warm, soothing cup of lemon water is the next step. Bodies require rehydration first thing in the morning to improve metabolism, increase energy, and support bowel function. Add water therapy to your morning routine and subtract inches from the waistline! Although breakfast is consider a vital component to the morning routine, consuming 8-16 ounces of water first allows the body time to wake up and function properly. You will begin to notice how breakfast choices will improve naturally without enforcing strict diet rules.


Planning is critical step three. Typically 99% of the weekday schedules are the same, but that 1% variance can throw the entire day into a tailspin and create absolute chaos, irritation, frustration, and ultimately stress pushes personal wellness to the back of the line. Remember the Universal Law of Cause and Effect? Read this statement twice … “when I put myself last, I create internal stress and resentment”.

The most crucial step for eliminating stress in the mind and body is revealing emotional cravings. Ask all “why” questions … Why do I diet? Why do I crave sugar? Why do I feel Ask a friend to join you on this seven day adventure of “how to not stress”. Plan the week together, be accountable and supportive, and celebrate each daily success. Remember the five keys to increase energy and reduce stress are sleep, hydration, planning, fitness, and understanding the emotional “why”. Now is the time to stop feeling stressed and start feeling energized!