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How Do I Stop Eating? Listen to Your Body and Eat Correctly

Published 2016-12-04 in Eat Correctly - 0 Comments
Eat Correctly

The first principle of “Natural Eating” is to “Eat when we are hungry”. This is also true to how do I stop eating principle. But because eating satisfies not just our physical needs as well as emotional needs, it can be hard to eat only when one is hungry.Therefore, you must find other ways to get that emotional satisfaction outside of comfort food, so you can stop habitual eating.Your reliance on food will diminish once other positive methods of dealing with emotional issues are put in place.You will know when you really need to eat when you’re hungry.

How do I stop eating?

How do I stop eatingWe will find out when your body really is hungry.Once this skill has been learned, we will be able to contrast actual physiological hunger with our desire to meet emotional needs.I notice that I experience hunger every two to three hours in generalI make sure that I eat as quickly as possible as soon as I realise Im hungry, which is pretty much right away

This involves listening to your body so you can feel the sensation of hunger.Ask yourself if you are actually hungry. Then allow time for the answer. This is the first step.Often we simply get involved in what we are doing at work, or with our families, or with other people and we don’t notice that we are hungry until we are ravenous.By this time, you have waited so long that you simply must eat immediately, no matter what you eat.Craving a sweet tooth usually leads to over-eating.

It is quite essential to tune your mind to remind you consciously as and when you feel hungry, until your body listens to you as a habit.Some suggestions are:

– An automatic notice on your computer that reminds you regularly

– A buzzer on your mobile phone (you won’t always be hungry you will get a chance to verify that)

Occupy yourself – don’t think about food

craving foodAnd now you know what it feels like to be really hungry.Also, if you start craving food when you’re in front of the refrigerator or cabinet when you’re not even hungry, try to occupy yourself with doing something else.One more time, wonder to yourself: “What’s my body really telling me; why is it craving food at this moment?” It’s very common for people to eat when they want comfort, because they are sad, or even because they are bored.Once you know why you’re really ‘hungry’, find something else to do besides eat.Some suggestions that work for me are:

  • Having a bath
  • Taking a stroll
  • Ringing a friend
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Uplifting music
  • Positive affirmations

These ideas give you something else to do instead of automatically reaching for food.Pamper and please yourself by doing some nice things which you like.You won’t think about food so much.