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Nutrition And Your Body

Published 2016-12-04 in Nutrition - 0 Comments

Nutrition can be a tricky conversation in the fitness industry because the point-of-view is often distorted by the concepts of protein-fat-carbohydrate percentages, required number of calories, specific weight loss, or food diet restrictions.  There seems to be more focus upon weight-loss versus fat-loss … and not understanding the reason “why”.

I understand that life is complicated enough without carrying a timer to tell you when to eat or an app to calculate your calories or sending your trainer your food journal of shame! IF the calorie-in and calorie-out theory worked … why is our culture struggling with weight issues?

nutrition-for-your-bodyMy strategy is to look at nutrition like life … some days are just better than others … but, when you adapt the philosophy of listening, adjusting, and reframing to your body’s messages of hunger, cravings, or feelings … you can make specific choices to support your body based upon science, not fads.

And this is the concept of nutrition for your body and mind … not your pant size.

Science reveals a body thrives in an alkaline state … and a body crumbles in an acid state. Pollution is pollution. Regardless if the pollution is the air you breathe, the water you drink, or the food you eat … your system is designed to thrive in clean air, water, and food.

How can you clean your system?

Choose the best nutrition for your mind and body … choose to nourish your body with a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each night … choose to hydrate your systems by drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day … choose to create and maintain an alkaline body … choose relationships that nurture your mind and heart … choose to exercise at least 20 minutes each day.

Now is the time for you to be the best detective of nutrition for YOU and not because “the diet” worked for your best friend or the person on the infomercial … but because your body responded instantly to sleeping better, having increased energy, and gut inflammation was gone.

Did you know that your gut is your “second brain”?

nutritionLISTEN TO YOUR GUT! When your gut is healed … your mind is healed of depression, anxiety, and tension.  When your gut is healed your belly fat disappears and your body naturally drops the pounds and inches. When you gut is healed, disease no longer contributes to the aging process.  When your gut is healed, you have energy, clarity, and focus. When your gut is healed your sleep is restful.

The basics of nutrition is to fill your home with fresh vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Be mindful that eating clean doesn’t necessarily mean you will lose weight or gain optimum health … not all healthy foods are healthy for you … so listen to your body.

Live strong within a pH balanced body and mind … keep nutrition simple and supportive of your personal well-being and health.


How to Not Stress?

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How does one “not stress” with cost of living rising, school starting, holidays just around the corner, and constant money tension. Struggles with finances cause household budget cuts of “luxury items” such as fitness club memberships, spa treatments, and healthy foods. Unfortunately, this cycle of stress creates weight gain, lack of energy, anxiety, and depression.

Do mean a favor and stop seeking balance in a life that is always in constant motion of juggling family, jobs, finances, and schedules. Instead, create harmony and fluidity with five simple steps to reduce stress and increase your energy in just seven days!

Sleep enough

sleep-enoughFirst things first … sleep! Research shows sleeping at least 7-8 hours every night reduces weight gain, decreases cortisol naturally, and restores energy. Learn to turn off computers or televisions at least one hour before bedtime and begin a new evening routine of self-care. Try a hot shower or warm bath to wash away the stress of the day or simple stretches and breathing exercises to relax. Remember, staying up late to accomplish more “tasks” heightens the stress cycle and decreases productivity for the next day

Drink water when you wake up

Wake up with a cool, refreshing glass of water or perhaps a warm, soothing cup of lemon water is the next step. Bodies require rehydration first thing in the morning to improve metabolism, increase energy, and support bowel function. Add water therapy to your morning routine and subtract inches from the waistline! Although breakfast is consider a vital component to the morning routine, consuming 8-16 ounces of water first allows the body time to wake up and function properly. You will begin to notice how breakfast choices will improve naturally without enforcing strict diet rules.


Planning is critical step three. Typically 99% of the weekday schedules are the same, but that 1% variance can throw the entire day into a tailspin and create absolute chaos, irritation, frustration, and ultimately stress pushes personal wellness to the back of the line. Remember the Universal Law of Cause and Effect? Read this statement twice … “when I put myself last, I create internal stress and resentment”.

The most crucial step for eliminating stress in the mind and body is revealing emotional cravings. Ask all “why” questions … Why do I diet? Why do I crave sugar? Why do I feel Ask a friend to join you on this seven day adventure of “how to not stress”. Plan the week together, be accountable and supportive, and celebrate each daily success. Remember the five keys to increase energy and reduce stress are sleep, hydration, planning, fitness, and understanding the emotional “why”. Now is the time to stop feeling stressed and start feeling energized!

How Do I Stop Eating? Listen to Your Body and Eat Correctly

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Eat Correctly

The first principle of “Natural Eating” is to “Eat when we are hungry”. This is also true to how do I stop eating principle. But because eating satisfies not just our physical needs as well as emotional needs, it can be hard to eat only when one is hungry.Therefore, you must find other ways to get that emotional satisfaction outside of comfort food, so you can stop habitual eating.Your reliance on food will diminish once other positive methods of dealing with emotional issues are put in place.You will know when you really need to eat when you’re hungry.

How do I stop eating?

How do I stop eatingWe will find out when your body really is hungry.Once this skill has been learned, we will be able to contrast actual physiological hunger with our desire to meet emotional needs.I notice that I experience hunger every two to three hours in generalI make sure that I eat as quickly as possible as soon as I realise Im hungry, which is pretty much right away

This involves listening to your body so you can feel the sensation of hunger.Ask yourself if you are actually hungry. Then allow time for the answer. This is the first step.Often we simply get involved in what we are doing at work, or with our families, or with other people and we don’t notice that we are hungry until we are ravenous.By this time, you have waited so long that you simply must eat immediately, no matter what you eat.Craving a sweet tooth usually leads to over-eating.

It is quite essential to tune your mind to remind you consciously as and when you feel hungry, until your body listens to you as a habit.Some suggestions are:

– An automatic notice on your computer that reminds you regularly

– A buzzer on your mobile phone (you won’t always be hungry you will get a chance to verify that)

Occupy yourself – don’t think about food

craving foodAnd now you know what it feels like to be really hungry.Also, if you start craving food when you’re in front of the refrigerator or cabinet when you’re not even hungry, try to occupy yourself with doing something else.One more time, wonder to yourself: “What’s my body really telling me; why is it craving food at this moment?” It’s very common for people to eat when they want comfort, because they are sad, or even because they are bored.Once you know why you’re really ‘hungry’, find something else to do besides eat.Some suggestions that work for me are:

  • Having a bath
  • Taking a stroll
  • Ringing a friend
  • Reading the newspaper
  • Uplifting music
  • Positive affirmations

These ideas give you something else to do instead of automatically reaching for food.Pamper and please yourself by doing some nice things which you like.You won’t think about food so much.